Our Company

MJL Enterprises was established in 2004 to create a low cost, web based software solution for the automotive industry. Our Finance & Insurance Reporting & Sales Tool (FIRST) was the result. Since that time we have continuously tested and upgraded our product, the latest version of FIRST which is now available to meet the changing demands of the industry.

Working with clients from other markets we have broadened our product line to include innovative solutions for the mortgage industry with our Custom Mortgage Solutions (CMS) program, and most recently our medical application called Eyeware designed for use by optometrists.

We have also delivered a software tool to a provincial government operating agency that needed a tailored software solution to fit their specific needs. They identified their requirements and we worked with them to optimize a solution that was right for them.

MJL Enterprises has your solution. We work with you to build the unique software solutions to your unique requirements.

Let MJL Enterprises build the solution you need.