Our Products

MJL Enterprises specializes in developing and hosting internet based business solutions for a wide range of needs. Our strength lies in our desire to help businesses find the solutions they need, not ones that employ a rigid one size fits all approach. All businesses are different and have different needs and desires. MJL has your solution and will build the one that is right for you.

Automotive – Finance & Insurance Reporting & Sales Tool (FIRST)

Within the automotive industry there was a clearly stated requirement by owners and managers for a product that brought much-needed accountability to the lucrative aftermarket sales segment of the business. MJL Enterprises working with industry partners developed the Finance & Insurance Reporting & Sales Tool, FIRST, which allows owners and business managers to logically and systematically track prospects with all relevant data and turn them into valued customers. FIRST is fully integrated with the two leading automotive portal companies, DealerTrack and RouteOne.